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Want to raise up leaders for the Kingdom? (A bespoke 360 Leadership tool)

Most Christian leadership tools are designed for senior pastors of large American churches.  As a result, these tools are inadequate to raise up leaders for Christian contexts aren't large churches such as small churches, church planters, schools, social enterprises and nursing homes.  Additionally, leaders in other roles are often forgotten.  The Christian Leadership Framework 360 feedback tool can be customised to any Christian organisation or leadership role.  The leadership 360 tool...

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Yvette McDonald

Sydney, Australia

Joined this community on Sep 3, 2020

Bio Yvette is the Director of a People Strategy consulting organisation, Elixan Consulting. She has over 20 years experience in Human Resources and is passionate about development leaders, creating great workplaces and ensuring organisations are able to rise to challenges they experience today and into the future.

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