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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Salvos Connection Point ( A multi technology tool to combat loneliness)

UPDATE: 24.02.20 After a great pitch, the innovation team has decided to continue to support the idea into an incubator stage to develop a response to some questions raised by our Pitch Panel and to explore the potential of a social bond strategy to funding. The Idea Development grant would remain open to a future request for funding when a clear understanding of what is required has been proposed.       A National telephone line/ multi technology tool  for loneliness....

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Fuchsia DeLange

Sydney, Australia

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Bio I am Fuchsia my partner is Daniel and we are the blessed parents and guardians of three beautiful children. We live in the South West of Sydney and my Corps is Rouse Hill. I started my journey with The Salvos way back 34 years ago in Sunday school at Earlwood NSW. I am passionate about the Salvation Army's Mission. I am currently Managing The SAL and continuing to change one life at a time through emergency relief.

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