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Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

Over the next 3 years, the vision is to start 300 Breakfast Programs across schools in Australia. By flipping toasted cheese sandwiches and mobilising local mission volunteers, we could be engaging with hundreds of schools across the nation. Gather a small handful of volunteers, add some start up funds, start a conversation with a local school and launch a breakfast program! You'll mobilise young and old. You'll connect with staff and students. Kids will be eating breakfast. You'll create...

Peter Brookshaw
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Peter Brookshaw

Peter Brookshaw

Craigieburn, Australia

Joined this community on Oct 29, 2019

Bio Pete Brookshaw has been a Salvation Army Officer for over a decade and currently serves as the Corps Officer at The Salvation Army Craigieburn. He has a Bachelor of both Business and Theology and is passionate about The Salvation Army being dynamic and effective in the world and creating communities of faith that are outward-focused, innovative, passionate about the lost and committed to societal change.

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