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Kids Challenge 2020

Movie time

All kids watch and love movies.  It is a common interest.  In the discussing and sharing of wholesome movies in a zoom meeting many of the values and themes we hold dear as Christians can be discussed in a context and in a natural way that will engage kids in thoughtful conversation.   A kid savvy adult surveys kids who sign up and they decide (Vote) to watch an appropriate movie.  The kids then gather for a zoom sharing time facilitated by an adult to draw out themes and help the values...

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Ideas Share Space 2020

Salvo Podcast

I've started a Podcast, but am unsure where to go with it, what the target group is and how best to proceed.  I think there is a market for Podcasting and mine and other voices need to be heard.  I think it would be good to have the ideas team help set this up better and find support resources to help this and other similar ventures to take off.

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Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Community Rooms

In almost every low cost government housing precinct there is a community room.  Many of these are underutilized and Salvos could commence programs there to encourage community life, faith development and address social isolation.  It is also a cheap and easy way to plant new congregations in places where there is hardship and injustice.   What department are you from? Panania/Villawood.  Faith Community development. Who is your target market? Salvos and supportive volunteers.

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Bryce Davies

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