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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

It Takes A Village

UPDATE: 24.04.20 The innovation team would continue to support the idea into the research of defining markets and to establish a delivered manufacture costing. The Idea Development grant would remain open to a future request for funding once research is completed and a market direction has been established.   Take a moment to imagine an environment wildly different to yours.  Limited access to the resources we take for granted…things like water, health care and education. This is...

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Simone Robertson

Redfern, Australia

Joined this community on Oct 3, 2019

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Bio Hi, I'm a Salvo officer with 40 years of experience who Joyfully Serves Jesus by Informing, Inspiring and Investing into the lives of Others and four years ago was appointed lead the Salvation Army Intrenational Development (SAID) here in Australia. My 40 years as a Salvation Army officer (minister) has included leadership of front line services and at executive level. I have served at five different Salvation Army headquarters including the International headquarters (IHQ) in London, UK. I am driven by my passion to make a positive difference in the world. I use my leadership expertise, energy and compassion to enable SAID to bring hope where it’s needed most and I encourage others to join me!

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