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Penpals in aged care

To help alleviate loneliness in aged care facilities, I'm suggesting a penpal arrangement that could operate among people living in Salvation Army facilities. This would mean finding out who would like to correspond with a penpal (snail mail, or possibly email) and any characteristics they would like their penpal(s) to have (e.g. male or female, special interests), drawing up lists for each facility, then matching residents to compatible penpals so that they can keep in touch. We could also...

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Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Have a weekly adults group happening? Use it to support community work.

Some similarity here with Belinda's 'Adopt-a-service' idea.  What if our weekly groups - women, men, seniors etc. - made a habit of supporting other organisations, national or international as well as local? For example, October 25 is Canteen's Bandanna Day? What if instead of meeting in our hall that day, we sign up to sell bandannas? Canteen allocates areas such as street corners or railway stations. Two or more people can work together, knowing that we are assisting young people...

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Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Good Friends to aged care facility residents

40% of residents in aged care facilities never have a visitor. NEVER. I recently heard a presentation on Kids Hope Aus. In this initiative, local churches partner with local primary schools. Adults are given initial training, then assigned a student who they visit at school for one hour per week. This time is spent doing whatever the student would like to do. When the child asks, 'I guess you are going to see someone else now', they are told, 'No, I'm just here to see you.'  I believe...

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