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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Centralise Hospitality and Front of House Operations (Support function)

TSA likely has a high spend on catering and meeting / conference hire. Centralise all catering, room bookings, cleaning and support services. Adopting a Front of House model would assist in reducing external spend and avoid "leakage" of precious funds out of TSA. Front of house service models have been adopted by large firms such as banks, legal firms and accountants. There is a small team of staff in each building who manage the reservations meeting room spaces and catering teams /...

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Peter Kost

Sydney, Australia

Joined this community on Sep 19, 2019

Bio With more than a decade’s experience in hospitality management roles, the Stanmore House team and I have spent the last 5 years building and developing the business for a conference and training centre. Initially running at a deficit, it is now in surplus with a good client base and service levels. Prior to this I spent 8 years managing various premium accounts and operations for Compass Group, in national and international markets. A skilled leader of personnel and operations, I am able to manage high-visibility contracts, such as Corporate Hospitality across multiple sites, in each case dramatically altering the service provision in line with client expectations.

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