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Current relapse statistics in Australia -post drug and alcohol rehabilitation -  sits at 40-60%.  Commonly cited relapse triggers include negative emotional states, social pressure, interpersonal conflict, poor support networks, cravings and physical symptoms.  Adele House, our local rehabilitation unit currently has 85% of intake sourced from funded diversionary programs.  Had the justice system not allowed these men to have the option of rehabilitation, they would have ended up...

Jeanette van Gaalen
by Jeanette van Gaalen
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Jeanette van Gaalen
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Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

A peer support group designed to remove stigma, and provide education and support to parents who are beating addictions and have lost custody of their children.  This demographic faces challenges such as domestic violence, addictions, poverty and past trauma.  Indigenous persons are over-represented in this demographic.  Art therapy would be provided by a Certified Art Therapist and mental health worker, making it a space for healing past hurts and connecting people from like circumstance to...

Jeanette van Gaalen
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Jeanette van Gaalen

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