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Ideas Share Space 2020

Benefit concerts that pay artists and their support infrastructure and raises funds for the Salvos

Background LiveAid was a worldwide rock concert across multiple venues and televised to a billion people to raise funds for Africans struck by famine. It raised about AUD $460M in today’s money.  Under God, how can The Salvation Army successfully adapt the concept to the current context?    The problem for The Salvation Army The Salvos' website says: "COVID-19 has placed many Australians under extreme pressure with more people calling on Salvos services than ever before." At...

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Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Contact details of local TSA expressions on a postcard for donors

Why not have a “Need help? Get involved” postcard for donors and others with basic contact information for all local Salvos expressions? Many people think we are wonderful and trustworthy. And many give generously to the Salvos.  But how many know how the Salvos can help them? Or the different ways they can get involved?  When we interact with donors and others on a mobile, we might text them the postcard. If electronically, send it to them that way. If in person or if we have a...

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Marc Allison

Sydney, Australia

Joined this community on Sep 17, 2019

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Bio Have been an innovator for more than 20 years, including a few world firsts. Currently helping to scale one of Australia’s fastest growing startups - Salvos Funerals.

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