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Drone Racing for kids (and Adult 'kids')

Drone Racing is the latest techno sport.  Kids love it! This is an exciting way for kids to socialize at church. It's fun and teaches new skills for a new era. Police, Army, Life Guards, Photographers, Mining companies, Exploratory/Mapping companies, Delivery companies, need drone pilots, drone operators, drone instructors, drone mechanics, etc.  In Africa, they even deliver blood to remote communities by drone.  Football and Olympic games now have camera drones following the action. A...

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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019


Can you image if the Salvos had a light display at Vivid?  Almost 2.5 million people visit Sydney Vivid each year and many more people around the world see pictures and images of it.  We could highlight a different social program each year and we could put our faith on display.  We could even create an interactive light sculpture that responds to donations in some visible way. Maybe we could even invite other Sydney churches and faiths to work with us to create a world peace in light area of...

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