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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Neighbours Together Apartment Ministry

Mission: To meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of immigrant, asylum seekers and refugee families living in a local apartment building and to offer a safe and inclusive community.   Description: An onsite program that allows us to build community and relationships with families in local apartment buildings.   By renting an apartment in one of these apartment blocks we are able to have 24 hour/ 7 days a week access to the community living in the apartment...

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Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

The Welcome Table

  Update: 02.03.20   The Welcome Table team had not developed the idea to a point where they were ready to pitch. The Innovation team will be continuing to work with them in a coaching capacity to design a proposal around a pilot phase.     Welcome definition : “1. received gladly into one's presence or companionship 2. giving pleasure or received with gladness or delight especially in response to a need...”   The table: Sharing tables is one of the most...

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Sandra Pawar

Sydney, Australia

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Bio Multicultural Church Planter and social justice advocate in Western Sydney

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