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Ideas Share Space 2020

Salvo Online Cooking Classes

There's many great chefs and cooks in the Salvos. Can we seek them out and get them to run online cooking classes while everyone is stuck at home? We could have themes, ie: Asian cooking, Vegetarian cooking, Indian cooking, etc. We could have regular podcasts where people tune-in each week. Perhaps we could have a voting system where we vote for the meal we most want to see prepared? Perhaps the presenter could prepare the meal with her-or-his family. I'd be interested in other people's...

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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Salvo Music

The contemporary music-of-faith that is generated on Sunday by all the Salvo services around Australia must be not only a large quantity, but - more importantly - of the highest quality... I've listened to, and been inspired by, many contemporary rock bands during a Salvo Sunday service... Can we collect-and-record a range of music from these bands and distribute them to relevant book-and-music stores; can we send them to Christian radio stations; can we offer the music to large...

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Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Salvo Cleaning & Facility Management Services

Corporate cleaning and facility management is a huge business - retail, office blocks, schools, and so on - they all need cleaning and maintenance work... Even the Salvo's head office and various properties needs cleaning services! What about offering the service to some of our large corporate partners such as Westpac? We can source our human-power from a range of programs that expose us to quality people that need work and a sense of direction (we can also provide training and...

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michael schreck

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