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Coffee With God

Coffee with God is an invitation for you to join a conversation. It's a website for people to share the revelation from God that is shaping their life today. By sharing what our latest conversation with God is about we can connect through shared experience and create a community to engage with. The website will allow people to sign up and share their conversations in a way that is encouraging.

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Salvos version of Rightnow Media

Making a SALVO Australia version of Rightnow Media (but not just bible studies, Sunday services, youth and kids ministry videos, printable resources, write and maybe submit your own music, etc the list of ideas could be endless, just look at all the other people's ideas that could be included... ).    Where you can find all the different Australian Corps Sunday services online, maybe even stream the live or watch them later, all found in one place.    Where you can find Kids...

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Digital Experience Guide for Your Children’s Ministry

Original content can be found here: In order to support you as much as possible during this tricky time, we have weekly created a resources to help you out.  New content is available now including video presentations, parent service guides, devotional cards, and much more for preschoolers, kids, and preteens. Easter Jam:  An Easter Experience Big Enough for the Whole Family Is Now Available For Free at

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Connect over Music

Our team has created a Spotify playlist just for our team. Everyone is invited to add to the list and we have seen it stimulate conversation in our Whatsapp group as we discuss different tastes in music, have a good laugh at some songs and discover new songs we didn't know we loved! It's almost like you're sitting in the office, chatting over music, like you would any other day.

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Neri Morris

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