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1.      TSA White-Labelling Products

by Elise Calavetta | 5 days ago | in Ideas In Motion

What opportunities exist for TSA to take a product and white label as their own?

TSA Everyday product

Is there an opportunity for TSA to engage in an opportunity like ‘Who Gives A Crap Toilet paper?’ A non-perishable, generic quality, everyday item that can be purchased in monthly orders by business and households.


Salvos branded face masks – PPE

Salvo's washable and reusable face masks. We could place the Shield on the mask with a message on the mask?


Salvos Debit Cards

Lots of large corporate and retail organisations have their own branded debit cards. Would it be good for TSA to have one and make a small % fee?


Salvos Insurance

TSA to have their own insurance offerings with a big/ dedicated insurance companies sitting behind the product (i.e. Hollard run the Woollies program). Offering home, life, car or even pet insurance. Our USP is so much stronger than any other insurance brand.

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