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Carinya Safer Pets (Pet Inclusive Family Violence Refuge)

It’s often a part of family violence support which is missed; what happens to the pets of women who suddenly have to flee a violent home? On average it takes women up to seven attempts to leave an abusive situation before it becomes successful and permanent. When you have pets it becomes even  more complicated as very few women’s refuges take pets. The contemplation of where to go with a pet can often delay a woman leaving abusive relationships, putting them at further risk with potentially fatal consequences.

The idea is to create a pet inclusive refuge space that can accommodate both children, women and pets. TSA Family Violence, Carinya Cottage and RSPCA NSW with your voting support would like to provide a dedicated supported accommodation site for families and their pets.

For many children experiencing domestic and family violence, the family pet can be a deep comfort and support. Animals can be a source of security for a child in a turbulent home. (Taylor and Fraser 2019)

RSPCA will work with the Carinya Team and Volunteers providing animal care training, creating specialised handbooks which they can refer to later, and putting them in touch with other animal resources in the area that can provide support.

We need $15,000 to start the program,  please vote and support our children and families and their pets to live a life free of violence and abuse.

What Department are you from?

Family Violence NSW - Carinya Women and Children Services, Illawarra 

Who is your target market?

Children, Families, Women with pets and obviously the animals that are abused, at risk of being killed. 

Is there a team (of min. 2) in place to progress your idea? If so, who will join you in the RDL stage?

Yes we have a team of three at Carinya as well as support from Karen Walker in Public Relations and RSPCA have committed to assisting with the setting up and WHS assessment.

Are you aware of the RDL dates and is the team available for these dates? (check the challenge description for RDL Dates)

We are ready!

Have you had any conversations with your line manager in regards to your possible involvement in the RDL? (If not can you please commence this conversation)

Yes she has given her  support.

Where is the team situated (what town, city, state)?

Illawarra, NSW *confidential location (safe house site)

edited on Oct 13, 2020 by Petra Jenkins
Petra Jenkins

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Robyn Black 1 month ago

Great idea - it's so needed!

Reply 1

Kristie Clifton 1 month ago

Wonderful idea!

Reply 1

Beth Twivey 1 month ago

That's such a good idea. Well done to the Family Violence stream. I am just trying to imagine the menagerie of animals?

Reply 1

Toni Leonard 1 month ago

This is fantastic, great idea Sonya and Carinya

Reply 1

Karen Verguizas 1 month ago

What a great idea - very much needed project!

Reply 1

Claire Clifton 4 weeks ago

Petra - this is fantastic! Well done - such a great collaborative project!

Reply 1

Petra Jenkins 4 weeks ago

More than 60% of us Aussies have pets in the home, that's more than 25million pets around the country. But pets remain at risk in ways not currently considered in national policy responses. This includes the risks of abandonment, opportunistic adoption and poor outcomes post-pandemic, and domestic violence.

Reply 0

Neri Morris 1 week ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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