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Gingerbread Nativity

With COVID interrupting a lot of our Christmas plans, an outreach idea to get families talking about the Christmas story at home is through a Gingerbread Nativity Decorating Pack. Going along the lines of the iso decorating gift packs that we see from places such as Ferguson Plarre and Donut King; the Gingerbread Nativity would consist of gingerbread characters from the Christmas Story, decorations (icing, sprinkles), a book of the Christmas Story and place-mats with scenes from the story for children to re-enact with their gingerbread characters.

Families would be able to journey together through the Christmas story in a simple and delicious way. Each character could prompt them to discuss an aspect of the story with a simple question.

The gift pack could be purchased as a fundraiser or used as a goodwill gift from Corps to families in their local communities. Gingerbread characters (Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Sheep, Star.... and Baby Jesus!) could even be baked on a large scale in partnership with a local bakery or alternatively, they could bake their own.

What Department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Predominantly families; though this could extend further into the young adult category. But would be most suitable for families with children aged 2-12.

Is there a team (of min. 2) in place to progress your idea? If so, who will join you in the RDL stage?

Captain Lauren Kirkham, Captain Amanda Hart, Lieutenant Heather Stamp, Major Andrew Walker.
RDL Stage: Captain Lauren Kirkham and Captain Amanda Hart.

Are you aware of the RDL dates and is the team available for these dates? (check the challenge description for RDL Dates)

We are unware of the RDL date and have been unable to find them on the site. However, we will make time to be available for these dates once informed.

Have you had any conversations with your line manager in regards to your possible involvement in the RDL? (If not can you please commence this conversation)

No, however, my line manager is aware of the project.

Where is the team situated (what town, city, state)?

The team is located in Regional Victoria: Bendigo and Warragul Corps.

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edited on Oct 13, 2020 by Lauren Kirkham
Lauren Kirkham

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Sandra McLean 1 month ago

Not sure about eating baby Jesus! Salvos communion?

Reply 0

Lauren Kirkham 1 month ago

"This is my body, broken for you."
A Christmas communion of milk and cookies?

Reply 0

Kimberley Featherston 3 weeks ago

This is a brilliant idea! Even if it wasn't a prebaked option- it could be kits with the ingrediants also providing families/small groups with a baking expereince together as well.

Reply 1

Lauren Kirkham 3 weeks ago

I do like the idea of a non baked option, but it does get a bit more fiddly that way. I guess you could even have a Zoom baking night as a way to connect further.

Reply 0

Esther Atkins 3 weeks ago

Great idea! ❤️

Reply 1

Lauren Kirkham 3 weeks ago

Thanks, I thought it would be quite effective for the demographic you engage with at Rezza.

Reply 0

Lauren Kirkham 3 weeks ago

What would be even more brilliant is if we could produce our own Christmas Story Book featuring the Gingerbread characters which could include further information about TSA and what we exist for.

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Sonia Edwards 3 weeks ago

Awesome idea, sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to tell the true meaning of Christmas

Reply 0

Neri Morris 1 week ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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