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Salvo's "Breakfast Ration Pack"

With so many children going to school on an empty stomach it would be a great idea if the Salvation Army in collaboration with School Chaplains were to be able to provide a "Breakfast Ration Pack" to those in need.
The pack would consist of a small pack of cereal, a small long life milk, a disposable bowl plus a spoon, a muesli or energy bar and a small container of fruit pieces in syrup.  These things are readily available and where necessary a Gluten free option could be substituted.
If the Salvo's got involved with a "sheltered workshop" such as Endeavour I am sure they could be suitable packaged for a reasonable cost.
This provides meaningful work for the participants, a mission for the Local Salvo's Corps in partnership with the school chaplain and most of all it provides sustenance to those in need.  This idea could be extended to give an "emergency meal" to a homeless person, or during a community emergency like fire, flood or an accident.
I would expect that the package was "Salvo Branded" and that all Corps would get on board with this idea.

What Department are you from?

Toowoomba Salvation Army Corps.

Who is your target market?

Youth in Crisis, children who need a breakfast.
Homeless Youth, Anyone in need of it.

David Melandri

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Dale Murray 1 month ago

What a great innovative ministry initiative. Well done Dave.

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David Melandri 1 month ago

Thanks Dale. We could get our youth involved as a project.

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Bernadette Tranter 4 weeks ago

I often pack a breakfast-on-the-run for my sporty kids after early morning training and we use items like an "Up'n'Go" milk popper, and Breakfast biscuits, as well as a piece of fruit. They package well and are filling. (I have found GF options of both these packaged items and they taste good!) Having it pre-packaged also eliminates issues regarding food handling and COVID hygiene restrictions. The addition of a positive note - like "You're awesome/valuable" would also be a nice way to boost a young persons mental health. Great idea Dave!! Love it!

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