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Want to raise up leaders for the Kingdom? (A bespoke 360 Leadership tool)

Most Christian leadership tools are designed for senior pastors of large American churches.  As a result, these tools are inadequate to raise up leaders for Christian contexts aren't large churches such as small churches, church planters, schools, social enterprises and nursing homes.  Additionally, leaders in other roles are often forgotten. 

The Christian Leadership Framework 360 feedback tool can be customised to any Christian organisation or leadership role.  The leadership 360 tool enables leaders to receive multi-directional feedback from people who work with them in order to understand the impact of their leadership.  The feedback will help them sharpen their strengths and identify areas for further growth.

This pitch is to raise funds to have the tool (currently being piloted) automated so that many Christian organisations can access a low cost, easy to administer leadership development tool. 

Please support this idea if you are passionate about raising up leaders for the kingdom.  For more information about the Christian Leadership Framework, please visit

What Department are you from?

Outside of Salvation Army

Who is your target market?

Any Christian organisation that is keen to develop and raise up leaders.

edited on Sep 3, 2020 by Yvette McDonald
Yvette McDonald

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Gabriel Lacoba 1 month ago

This is a great idea Yvette. I wish you every success with raising the money you need to implement it across many organisations.

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Yvette McDonald 1 month ago

Thanks Gabe!

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Emily Drough 1 month ago

There is so much potential for the way this framework could be leveraged in a range of Christian leadership contexts. Love it Yvette.

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Yvette McDonald 1 month ago

Thanks Em!

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