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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Spiritual Content

by Renee Pickens | 2 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Kids Challenge 2020

With the assistance and guidance of our Mission Specialists in this area incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dreaming stories into a biblical context on an online platform.

This could be a podcast that children and families could listen to at bedtime or in the car similar to ABC Kids Little Yarns;

Or a segment of story telling with Aunty Sue, or kids themselves, on a video platform, possibly collaborating with some other ideas posted here.

Or it could be an animated series that fits into our other children's materials such as Kid Zone, similar to Little J and Big Cuz on ABC Kids but with a biblical/ spiritual context;

The aim is ultimately to elevate Indigenous Australian voices for greater inclusion but also for kids to recognize that God's Spirit has been in our land since creation.

Renee Pickens

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