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by Andrew Walker | 2 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Kids Challenge 2020

SAGALA is a fantastic program that teaches kids life skills along with the Christian message. The program appeals to children as they learn new skills as well as achieve badges. 

This idea is to move SAGALA into on online format where children can access videos for each week of a badge and then connect online with a SAGALA leader and group periodically to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in order to earn badges and connect with other SAGALA kids.  Children will be able to watch the videos in their own time and work on the badges at their own pace and will need to engage with their families as they work on the badges.

Part of the excitement of this program will be children receiving their achievements in the mail. 

To help then connect in person there could be regional camps every 6 months and then an annual nationwide camp where children from around the country could attend and meet their leaders and peers in person.

Andrew Walker

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Lauren Kirkham 1 month ago

I think this is a fantastic idea and would be hugely popular. Parents are always on the lookout for hobbies that their children can engage in, skills they can learn and how they can learn about being responsible citizens. From my experience with Kids in the Kitchen, parents were looking for options for their children to engage in that weren't sports related; because some kids just aren't interested in sports. With the collecting of badges, it has the "Coles Little Collectables" feel that so many people love, with the added bonus of them actually learning something useful and hearing the message of Jesus!


Mim Adams 1 month ago

Andrew, in my time as Territorial SAGALA Leader, this was one of my hopes. That a child who came into TSA through Doorways, Family violence, housing support, corps, social expression, youth or children's ministries could join SAGALA and no matter where life took them - relocation across Australia, change of family circumstances, education shifts etc. they could belong to a program which supported, travelled and equipped them for those changes, By the power of God through people, TSA and Jesus. I pray fervently that this IDEA will gain positive support. Thank you.


Tracy Sutton 1 month ago

I loved my time in Sagala and think this is a fantastic idea! As a parent I’d love for my boys to do sagala but thought they can’t because most corps these days don’t have it or the leaders to run it so to do have it online with a dedicated group of leaders to run it would be amazing. It means thousands of children can learn life skills that set them up for life and learn about Jesus too! I really hope and pray this idea gains lots of support.


Judith Soeters 1 month ago

Great idea, and a way of reaching this generation.


Neri Morris 4 weeks ago

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