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Blog - Modern SA retelling of Jane Austen - fiction books

by Kathy Farmer | 2 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Kids Challenge 2020

For young adults, blog/Chick-lit Fiction books of a modern re-telling of Jane Austen (or similar favorites) books set in a Salvation Army setting.  Example, these are fun 'books' created for young adults dealing with hints of spiritual ideas, reaching community needs and romance. Without being pushy, gives tons of examples of how The Salvation Army is impacting our community and our world without any push to join and can observe/participate from a 'distance'.  My sister has re-done Pride & Prejudice (Crest & Shield), Sense & Sensibility (Blood & Fire), Emma (The Salvationist), Mansfield Park (Camp Mansfield) and a few more.

Kathy Farmer

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Deborah Elliott 1 month ago

Can I ask how do you see this engaging with children?


Neri Morris 4 weeks ago

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