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Junior Soldiers online / mobile app

by Deborah Elliott | Aug 10, 2020 | in Ideas In Motion
Kids Challenge 2020

I would love to see a new Junior Soldiers interactive online curriculum that families and children can both use.  For children this would be away they could  complete an  entire lesson (especially useful for children who are not close to a local Corps due to distance or home needs restricts their ability to attend regularly to their lesson) .If they are attending lessons in person the interactive app  could help them to continuing what has been learned in a home environment, giving them goals to reach. 

As the children navigate the app it could be done as a game or a quest as they reach new achievement levels.

For families the app/ online access would give them the ability know what their child is learning so they can continue to guide their child during the week and support them on reaching new goals. This will also help to foster better relationships between what is taught at home and church.   

All Junior Soldiers Curriculum could also be updated at the same time.


edited on Aug 11, 2020 by Neri Morris
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Jose Porcia Aug 18, 2020

I think this is an interesting idea. I would like to understand the scope of the curriculum. Can you please provide more information.
Specifically, I want know if this platform would be able to impart Salvation Army values and Christian World Views in general to young people. Particularly, in many issues/idealogies affecting contemporary Australia directly opposed to Jesus teachings.


Neri Morris Sep 22, 2020

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Neri Morris 6 months ago

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