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by Christopher Edwards | 2 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Kids Challenge 2020

Salvos Adventures creates opportunities for children's ministry teams to share the gospel message, fellowship and bless families with adventures/activities that would usually be outside of their reach due to financial position/socio-economic status/personal circumstances. e.g. Go-karting, cinema trips, sporting event tickets, kids indoor play centres, swimming lessons, restaurant meals, etc.

The list of available experiences would be set by ALT and local kids teams depending on relevant places within the local area, and we could partner with these places that may provide us discounts, packages. 

In terms of the digital world, many families may not have an access point like this due to financial challenges that do not afford them the chance to connect online or provide a means for their children to do so either, that is why I suggest we get people outside off devices and into tangible and memorable experiences that they can keep and hold on to.

This is not to say we should also try to connect them in an online platform, I am simply suggesting that many may miss out on connecting as they do not have a means to. (Maybe a separate idea to fund families to access electronic devices that then allow online connections in a digital world). 

By utilizing a grant to offer a program idea like this would assist TSA expressions that do not have a budget for things like this and create opportunity to build rapport and establish deeper connection with those who we share the Gospel with.

By allocating funds to Area Leadership Teams who work with supporting appropriately safe and trained children and youth teams in various local expressions of TSA who are already serve and minister to families, this would support the empowerment process of reaching families already engaging with our Corps/Faith expressions and offering further pathways of connecting in.

Coming alongside people and sharing experiences with them allows us to invite them to hear the Gospel message and bless their children/families from a personal place of relationship and hence why I would love to see funds allocated for this purpose.

We would need to further develop this idea into a program that had strong follow up and on-going support to the family, linking them in with other the wider faith community and continued to create pathways for families/children to remain connected. This aspect is critical, and all other areas of the program need to take this point into consideration in all stages of the development process as last thing we want is people taking financial blessing but missing personal/family connection.

People who may be suited to these adventures would be those accessing emergency relief support through Salvos Connect and/or families who connect in with Corps programs and are experiencing financial hardship /challenges associated with raising children.

Or for outreach purposes looking within the local community for other services that are working alongside children already facing challenges and would benefit from healthy connections/support from children's ministry teams such as an alternative (last chance) schools or youth refuge/care organisations supporting vulnerable/at risk children, etc. 

There are various points of this idea that need extra expansion and development, but this is a base to further expand on from here and think about how to best implement and roll out. Thanks for your time in reading this, standing in prayer for how we can best use these funds to carry the gospel into our communities and minister to children/families in the name and love of Jesus.

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Laurie Robertson 2 months ago

I know that such activities are definitely needed and our TSA ESIS reports for a number of years have shown this to be a key area that those who come to us really need. How we can sustainably make it happen is something that I am sure will be worked out as this excellent life transforming idea works through the system. Just in case the system attributes this comment to Ewen Robertson - I am Laurie Robertson. Ewen is my middle name but somehow on some systems I come up as Ewen (which is a great name by the way).


Sheralyn Shaw 2 months ago

I love this idea! There would be families in every area that have kids that need this kind of help.
Having funds to give kids access to internet for homework or other programs would be very beneficial.
Having funds to give these kids access to outings that other kids enjoy would also be wonderful.

Separate to creating a program, it would be great to have funds that allow kids to attend outings/programs/school excursions/camps/internet access etc. when these events come up during the year on their school calendar or when friends are going out to enjoy time together and children are unable to attend.


Neri Morris 4 weeks ago

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