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by Sandra Mortimer | 3 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Kids Challenge 2020

Ask families to make a video of themselves sending positive messages to friends and strangers. The Family would need to be safely registered to identify themselves on line and Salvos media could host a 3 minute creative video. families could give themselves an alias- Like  The Crazy Cats from Cooma' or such and do a karaoke, God spot or just share a joke or interview or teach a game or an exercise routine, or a pet training or a craft tutorial- the list can go on and on .. for other families to enjoy. 

edited on Aug 3, 2020 by Neri Morris
Sandra Mortimer

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Beth Twivey 3 months ago

Love it Sandra - I think we need to hear more from our kids in a safe and empowering way.


Laurie Robertson 3 months ago

Excellent idea. Salvo Studios and the Safeguarding area will need input as there are many areas to cover regarding what can be posted.


Sheralyn Shaw 3 months ago

Great idea Sandra!
I think families will love to take part in something like this and others will enjoy watching the films.
Safeguarding procedures need to be followed and safe-content scrutinised.


Neri Morris 2 months ago

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