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Salvo Musical Playgroup Online Resources

by Renee Pickens | Jul 27, 2020 | in Ideas In Motion
Kids Challenge 2020

There is a gap in the area of musical playgroups outside of non-salvo programs such as Mainly Music which are costly and require strict licensing restrictions. 

There is some great musical talent in the Salvo world who are already writing fun pre-school friendly songs. The possibilities are endless when we combine the musical talent through our Worship Arts stream and our early childhood curriculum specialists through our Children's Ministry stream on a publicly accessible online platform such as YouTube.

edited on Aug 3, 2020 by Neri Morris
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Claire Hill Aug 3, 2020

This would be amazing. There are so many Salvo groups around Australia producing fresh content in this space. How good would it be if it was pulled together and packaged up nicely for others to use!


Narelle Wheaton Aug 3, 2020

What an amazing idea!! We have so many talented people in the Salvos around Australia


Carolyn Hallett Aug 3, 2020

mainly music put so many restrictions on what you can and cant do. It would be great for TSA to create their own stuff. Just need to check out costings as you would need to Trademark it, market it etc.,


Philip Farthing Aug 4, 2020

Paul and Jess Farthing of Shellharbour corps run MiniMusic their own cheap version of mainly music and have some original songs. We copied their program and their original songs are always the most requested by the kids.


Rebecca Cundasamy Aug 19, 2020

Yes yes yes! We have so many talented muscians and creative people - this would be an awesome resource


Neri Morris Sep 22, 2020

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Neri Morris 6 months ago

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