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Salvo Kids YouTube Channel

by Renee Pickens | Jul 27, 2020 | in Ideas In Motion
Kids Challenge 2020

The Salvation Army Australia is in need of an online presence aimed at children aged 7-11. A Salvo Kids YouTube channel, if adequately resourced and supported with a strong missional strategy, could be a platform for children to have a voice, minister to each other and share the love of Jesus in creative ways.

This project has the potential to raise up young leaders and innovators and should include culturally and age relevant, authentic content working within a curriculum to provide a good news message. 

This project would preferably be in collaboration with our many mission
expressions around the country (Corps, community outreach, kid's clubs, Kid Zone etc.) By harnessing the talent that is already within our movement (those that have been producing great content during C-19) rather than completely re-inventing the wheel, we can continue to resource the nation in the area of kid's ministry/ outreach post-COVID. This will also be a great resource for smaller Corps without local kids volunteers or a small number of kids locally. Also those that are geographically isolated can be reached in new ways and potentially open up the opportunity for evangelism to those on the fringes of our faith communities.

This project should be part of a larger strategy of discipleship of our
young people in an evangelical package. 

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Claire Hill Aug 3, 2020

Love this idea!


Narelle Wheaton Aug 3, 2020

What an awesome idea


Matthew Gluyas Aug 11, 2020

Such a key platform! Love to see more of this in the future. :) Sarah Green here at Ingle Farm has developed a phenomenal platform that does this - JRev:


Rebecca Cundasamy Aug 19, 2020

I would love to see this happen!!


Jose Porcia Aug 19, 2020

There seems to be this saturation of "digital ideas" that are quite similar in outcomes. How broad is the scope of the curriculum? Is this just about the feel good stuff like Sesame Street. Or do you aim to impart values and Christian World View to kids so they become effective disciples and leaders. I am very interested to vote on this.


Neri Morris Sep 22, 2020

Status labels added: RDL, Kids Challenge 2020


Neri Morris 4 months ago

Status label added: Incubator