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Salvo QR Login

As Corps' and ministries navigate the rocky roads back to corporate worship under the Covid-19 coloured world, we need to record attendances. Not in the same vain as the old days of SAMIS statistics, but to ascertain wether or not, Covid-19 tracking needs to occur.

We have been asked to provide sign in sheets to record names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of attendance and so on. 

If you don't have someone on the desk to write people's details, then it is up to the individual ,,,, to use a communal pen .... to use communal table and so on.


By providing a QR code; people can log in through their smart devices, show the Officer or appointed person that they have registered and the details are emailed to the corps with time and date stamps. Best of all, there is no need to sanitise which is a cost saving, 


I have attached our corps' notice as an example.


These QR codes are free to create - better yet, I.T. could create one each for each mission expression.

What Department are you from?

Corps Officer

Who is your target market?

Those whom need to record Covid-19 track and trace personnel.

edited on Jul 22, 2020 by Neri Morris
Steve Spencer

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Anthony Eden 3 months ago

You can use a free Church-specific database such as Planning Centre Online to create a form to gather these details. Creating a QR code is as simple as putting the form URL into a QR code generator and printing it out.

You could also use Google Sheets/Forms to achieve a similar thing.

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Stewart Brown 2 months ago

A form has been created here to facilitate recording visitors to TSA locations. It aligns with state-based regulations for required data, data access and retention.

The page can also generate a QR code which links through to specific locations

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Marc Allison 2 months ago

Hi Stewart. This looks like a great initiative. Do you know who manages it? It may be helpful if we could add Salvos Funerals to the list of "locations".

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Stewart Brown 2 months ago

It's been developed by IT, and Lyn Edge is the owner of it. Re adding Salvos Funerals, the list is powered by 'Find the Salvos near you' on, if you're not on that list, I recommend getting in contact with the Communications department to be added.

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Marc Allison 2 months ago

Great idea Steve. Even better that there is now a solution!

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Sheralyn Shaw 2 months ago

This is a great idea.

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