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Trade Australia- Save your cash and the planet

Trade Australia is an online product and service trading platform that matches trades with ZERO cash used for transactions. Using algorithms to match trades, Trade Australia takes the hard work out of finding someone to trade your unwanted items for what you need and want. Highly scalable, Trade Australia can facilitate trades by allowing traders to nominate either meet up or post. The platform will also match products with services. Need your lawn mowed? No problem! Trade with Jack who loves mowing and wants those size 10 Nike shoes you have for trade.  Other customisable features ensure this trading site is the best of its kind. And who wouldn't want to recycle and limit waste?  Trade Australia is quite simply, easy to use and slightly...just ever so slightly... addictive! 

What Department are you from?


Who is your target market?

People who:

* Have limited cash but excess 'stuff'

*Are sustainability focussed

*Don't want to throw their unwanted items away but would rather trade or give to someone in need

edited on Jul 8, 2020 by Natasha Steele
Natasha Steele

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Ann Sathasivam 2 months ago

An interesting suggestion! While I applaud every effort to minimize damage to our planet and enable us all to be good stewards of the resources with which we have been richly blessed, I would appreciate some further insight on how this suggestion could specifically target mission intentions. Is there a plan to incorporate missional outreach associated with the trades? Specifically, the Bible says, "God loves a cheerful giver" and if we give cheerfully, we don't necessarily expect anything in return, as we know that all that we have comes from God alone. Also, how does this initiative benefit those who have nothing to trade? Are we not compelled to minister to those who are in need, the vulnerable and impoverished, who do not have the "currency" of resources to exchange? I'm struggling with this concept.

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Marc Allison 2 months ago

Great idea Natasha! This seems like a similar business model to BarterCard - though there's is a business to business model. I know a guy who got a vehicle spray-painted using their system - with no cash outlay from him. See

Have you thought of how it might be monetised? BarterCard, for example, has an annual membership fee. If you don't want to monetise it, then your concept is similar to the Freecycle movement - see
Have you thought of discussing this concept with Salvos Stores?

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