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Salvo Ostrich Farms

Ostrich is a delicious red meat thats high in protein and tastes similar to cow. Cows however make a huge contribution to Climate change. They omit a lot of Gas but they also require lots of land clearing to make room for grazing. Currently huge sections of the amazon are being burnt to clear land for cattle farming. 

Ostrich farming is far cleaner though. They are more profitable and easier to farm, they don't omit gas or require near as much land. They're hardy animals that can live off anything. 

An ostrich farm in Australia could be a huge step towards solving climate change without costing us economically. This is an idea very much in the vein of the Salvos match factory. It solves a social issue of our day, it can be used to put people to work, and it can be highly profitable for the army. 

Ostrich farming is a key ingredient to solving climate change and the Salvos could lead the way in Australia. 

"Mmm get me some of that ostrich meat!"

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The whole worlds atmosphere, Australian meat consumers, Farmers doin it tough, salvos fundraising, it literally benefits everyone.

edited on Jul 6, 2020 by Philip Farthing
Philip Farthing

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Raylene McPherson 2 months ago

That's very interesting. I never knew that.

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