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Arise Patisserie

by Glendon Mar | 4 months ago | in Open Ideas // ALWAYS OPEN

A social enterprise patisserie/cake shop aiming to be a self-sustaining patisserie providing hope, future and a second chance through bakery apprenticeships to individuals who are socially disadvantaged. 


WHO: Existing TSA clients who have expressed an interest in a baking career.  Be they men experience homelessness, women escaping DV, or youth looking for direction. etc.

WHAT:  Work as an apprentice in our business (as part of their training) and receive a wide range of experience which can lead to ongoing employment elsewhere. 

WHY US: A supportive employer providing an apprenticeship plus life-skill support through mentors.

THE GOODS:  Anything from cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, artisan breads in line with TAFE curriculum and public demand. Part of the charm at our outlets is the ‘lucky dip’ scenario of products.  Cake of the day, etc.

DISTRIBUTED: Products can be sold from our café premises at Crown St and Blacktown.  Products supplied to cafés that are run by Corporate supporters, and longer life products (cookies) packaged and sold to hotels, supermarkets.

STAKEHOLDERS: Corporate supporters, TAFE training colleges, Crown St café, Hotels can supply cookies to rooms, catering for events and high tea etc.

STAFF Requirements: One experienced baker (paid or volunteer) 3 apprenticeships every 6 months.  One staff to assist with admin, payroll, distribution, sales, marketing and stakeholders.

HURDLES: Lots, no illusions about this project.  But what a difference to those 6 people every year. 

VISION: the project is all about second chances, getting business and corporates onboard, increasing awareness of social issues in the public and demonstrating love and compassion in practice.

What department are you from?

Inner City Homelessness

Who is your target market?

Produced by our clients -who gain experience employment.

Supported by our stakeholders - who are willing and able

Sold to the public - who gain greater understanding

edited on Jun 15, 2020 by Glendon Mar
Glendon Mar

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Marc Allison 4 months ago

This is a wonderful idea!

Whilst not my area of expertise, it seems that much can be learnt from founder of Chobani Yogurt, Hamdi Ulukaya. He gave a great TED talk -

An apparent local social enterprise success is The Bread And Butter Project ( - you are probably familiar with them.

You may not be aware of MadCap social enterprise cafes. They are no longer around but I once met the founder, Anthony Cheeseman - see here a video of his It's good to learn from people's failures too.

If you wanted me to see if I can connect you with Anthony or to discuss what it appears to me to not have worked well, send me an email

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Marc Allison 4 months ago

PS My current idea is "Benefit concerts that pay artists and raise funds for The Salvation Army". If you like the idea, please vote for it too -

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Joyleen Stewart 3 months ago

Great idea - providing skills and employment

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