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Utilizing One Army

by Tara McGuigan | 4 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Ideas Share Space 2020

With Covid shutdown we needed help designing an animation for our online 'Conversations' clips. Having recently returned from India South West Territory we know they have a very good media outfit and talented producers. Through the TC we contacted the head producer who helped us create a beautiful animated logo (goes about 5 secs) and attach this top and tail to the clip we recorded here in Australia. The whole job was initiated, completed and uploaded within 48 hours. As an international Army we have an opportunity to utilize talent from other territories around the world. This would mean good stewardship of our international resources, as well as encouraging developing country territories share their talents. Likewise, Australia could provide help too using the online medium to communicate.

Tara McGuigan

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Neri Morris 2 weeks ago

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