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Benefit concerts that pay artists and their support infrastructure and raises funds for the Salvos

by Marc Allison | 4 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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LiveAid was a worldwide rock concert across multiple venues and televised to a billion people to raise funds for Africans struck by famine. It raised about AUD $460M in today’s money. 

Under God, how can The Salvation Army successfully adapt the concept to the current context? 


The problem for The Salvation Army

The Salvos' website says: "COVID-19 has placed many Australians under extreme pressure with more people calling on Salvos services than ever before."

At the same time, it has been difficult for all charities to raise funds in the current environment.


The problem for artists and the infrastructure that supports them

According to Jenny Morris, Chair of APRA AMCOS:

“Artists and musicians are always the first to put their hands up to help when others are in need. When funds must be raised, especially on a large scale, they don’t hesitate.”

 “There are hundreds of thousands of people who work (and pay taxes) as musicians, songwriters, crews and managers, and those who work in venues and the entire infrastructure needed to publish, record and promote Australian music. This industry feeds whole communities and whole generations. But so many who work contract to contract, and businesses that operate seasonally, are falling through the cracks.

The very real risk is that these people will be out of work longer than any industry in the country.”


The problem for local restaurants

Often concert goers enjoy a meal. Mary Aldred, CEO of the Franchise Council of Australia has flagged the "hard-hit food retail and hospitality sector" in her portfolio.


An opportunity to raise funds for The Salvation Army, pay artists and their support infrastructure?

Have regular concerts at small venues across the nation, with limited seats and large online gatherings? Tickets to venues could be charged at a premium with enough funds for free tickets for those not able to afford it and make for a varied atmosphere. Online audiences are invited to pay or make a donation. Whatever fundraising model is chosen, it's about both maximising funds raised as well as the people who can participate.

Funds are shared between artists, the infrastructure that supports them  and The Salvation Army. Each concert could be preceded by a prayer from an Officer and ways of connecting with the different expressions of the Salvos in the local area.


Connect online audiences to local food retailers?

Importantly, the next phase of development would involve supporting local food retailers. When someone signs up to be in the online audience, they are asked for their postcode and encouraged to support local food retailers who sign up to be connected to our audiences.


How might the funds for the Salvos be directed?

There needs to be a meaningful objective and connection to the Salvos. For example, if the concert takes place in a club where there's a chaplain, monies raised could go to support them. More generally, funds could be directed to the current campaign of the Salvos (eg: Red Shield Appeal).


How is this aligned with the Salvos?

Music has long been important to The Salvation Army. We have connections with clubs through club chaplains. We’re familiar with running large events and getting community support.


What do you think?

Please comment and make suggestions. What are some of the risks? What would make it work well? Who could make it work?


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Marc Allison

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Malcolm Pittendrigh 4 months ago

Great idea Marc - music both heals and unites and within a christian context through TSA is even more powerful.


Russell Icardi 4 months ago

Great idea Marc - Salvos have the worldwide brand, reputation and respect to bring support to such a project.


Marc Allison 4 months ago

Thank you for your encouragement Malcolm and Russell


Adam Stone 4 months ago

Great idea Marc. Very insightful. I imagine this idea would have the potential to be scaled up as well.


Marc Allison 4 months ago

Hi Adam. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes am wanting it to be scaleable.


Neri Morris 2 weeks ago

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