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Grab & Go Youth Program Sharing Page

by Kathy Farmer | 5 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Ideas Share Space 2020

Grab & Go Facebook page.  A page where either youtube “Youth Night” (Guards, etc) Video can be easily shared or Games for Teen Zoom meetups can be quickly learned. Open for other SA’s to contribute. Zoom Game ex: a) 2 pictures Cadets/find differences. B)  Use letter dice - roll - run to find item starting w the letter rolled, first back 1,000 points. Top winner award: gift card to Starbucks or create Rocky/Jedi pic of them on Youth page? 

Below pic is an example, I shared a few friend’s posts - ex. Christ & Crafts,  Guitar lessons, drama, Teen night, Vespers- to our youth page. 

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Kathy Farmer

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