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Digital Experience Guide for Your Children’s Ministry

by Neri Morris | 6 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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In order to support you as much as possible during this tricky time, we have weekly created a resources to help you out.  New content is available now including video presentations, parent service guides, devotional cards, and much more for preschoolers, kids, and preteens.

Easter Jam: An Easter Experience Big Enough for the Whole Family Is Now Available For Free at

  • Remote Solutions Plan for Your Children’s Ministry: a comprehensive plan for your ministry to stay consistent while you keep your families safe.
  • Story and Worship Experiences: weekly video presentations that go along with our current First Look and 252 Kids curriculum. You can distribute this week’s presentations to families using this shareable links:
  • Parent Cues for Story and Worship Experiences[NEW FORMAT]: easy-to-use guides with fun activities and discussion prompts, so families can review the video presentations and talk about what to do with what they’ve learned. [Bonus Salvation Guide]  Palm Sunday & Easter:
  • Elementary God Time Cards: are devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentations. Palm Sunday & Easter:
  • Preschool Place Mats: This printable placemat is designed to sit on the table all month long. These give parents easy access to this month’s bottom line as well as questions to ask each week and hand motions to the Bible verse. April:
  • Spanish Home Resources:


Additional Resources

Partnering with parents is always important, and it can be especially helpful in times of uncertainty. Consistent communication builds trust, and it also equips the parent to have spiritual conversations at home. Below are a couple of tools to help you connect digitally with families during this time.

  • Parent Cue App: This free app gives parents weekly cues that are aligned with the content in the video presentations.
  • Promo Kit for Parent Cue App: 
  • [PODCAST] OKP Bonus: Coronavirus and Remote Solutions For Your Kids Ministry:
  • [PODCAST] Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety: On this episode, Sissy Goff, Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee, shares tools for leaders helping kids process anxiety.
  • Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic: a blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions:
  • Manejando El Miedo y La Ansiedad Durante Una Pandemia de Salud:
  • Anxiety Conversation Guides: Helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. Parents can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help their children.

For a digital experience guide for middle and high school students, you can find the resources available to you on the Orange Students site.

Hope this helps.
Take care, friends.


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Shouldn't all this great stuff be over on Salvos Central? All the resources here are amazing, but they all-ready are produced and ready to go.


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It looks interesting. Not review friendly.


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