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Connect over Music

by Neri Morris | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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Our team has created a Spotify playlist just for our team. Everyone is invited to add to the list and we have seen it stimulate conversation in our Whatsapp group as we discuss different tastes in music, have a good laugh at some songs and discover new songs we didn't know we loved! It's almost like you're sitting in the office, chatting over music, like you would any other day.

Neri Morris

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Marc Allison 7 months ago

Great to learn about that Neri.

Whilst music during the day is not my thing, finding natural ways of connecting whilst apart is great. Most of the Salvos Funerals team has been work from home/mobile office pretty much from the start and have found WhatsApp helpful.

We have different WhatsApp channels in simple terms: one for operational notifications, one for "diffusing" (eg: prayer points, photos of a morning walk, etc.) and one for positive feedback (ie. mutual encouragement).


Neri Morris 3 weeks ago

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