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Loving and caring depression chat line

by Renee Marek | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S4-Apr20-Jun20

A 24/7 depression chat line but is more supportive, caring, and understanding. Having peer workers or people who also live with the illness/survivers be the people on the other side, can be more responsive in how they talk to people who are suicidal/have depression.  A chat line where they get real support and actually feel cared for and feel like they matter, understood and not feel judged. A more positive tone and try to get the people chatting online for help to open up more and have the conversation leave with either laughing or atleast feeling better about them themselves. Knowing they are understood as they know who they are sitting there chatting to lives/lived it and knows exactly how they feel. Encourages them to speak out more and fight the stigma around mental health and have a real sense of community. Not just feeling like they have left talking to a robot or someone who just doesn't understand. Making sure they feel loved, excepted, understood and not just talking to themselves. Alot of people who are suicidal/have depression would rather talk to someone via chat lines but the ones available just don't cut it, they don't feel comfortable, they feel scripted, uncaring and like they are speaking to a computer rather than a understanding loving human being who generally wants to help and cares. Alot of people with depression or are suicidal open up more when speaking to someone who is also open and response to someone that can give them words other than, I can sense you feel distraught or upset or how does that make you feel, that must be really hard. A chat line with real support, understanding and love. Where they could make friends, support each other and lift each other up. Make it not just loving, supportive, understanding but comfortable and relaxed.

What department are you from?

I live with mental health and study it also.

Who is your target market?

People with depression or are suicidal.

Renee Marek

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Jody King 6 months ago

Renee, the ability to talk to someone about what you are going through is so important, not just because the world is changing every day with the Covid-19.
A while ago the Salvation Army had a phone number that you could call as well as Salvos Counselling. Both these services to me were so crucial to the community.
I pray that a service does make its come back for those that need to talk and know that there is someone there to listen.

My prayers are with you.


Neri Morris 4 months ago

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