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Knowing me, knowing you.

by Belinda Spicer | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S4-Apr20-Jun20

Photo identification pass for all Employees, Volunteers and Officers. As we engage more & more within the communities we serve, ID keeps it safe for all.

I believe our effectiveness would be enhanced. The Public loves Salvos.. Lets show them we are the real deal.

What department are you from?

Community mission

Who is your target market?

The general public. 

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Belinda Spicer

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Anthony Eden 6 months ago

This is a good idea.

Some churches in Australia have a culture where you are not allowed into youth & kids spaces without showing your church-issued ID (which indicates your safeguarding training status).

I would love for us to up our game in this area and ensure all spaces in use for youth & kids activities are clearly identified, and people know they need to show ID to enter. There's been far too many instances when people haven't been adequately trained and qualified for youth ministry, yet they still can walk in and out of these spaces without anyone caring.


Neri Morris 4 months ago

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