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Ending the addiction cycle

by David McCaw | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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Develop a social enterprise to minister to the needs of families exiting addiction treatment services. Provide a safe space, stable place to live, work and education geared toward transforming the whole family unit. Assist families to successfully navigate the transition from addiction, dependency and enabling to transformational hope, health and faith in Jesus.

The program (envisaged to run in 2year cycles) will be delivered in the context of a working organic farm with the proceeds of the farm constituting the mainstay of the budget.  Participants in the program and their partners (were appropriate) will be employed on the farm. Housing will be provided onsite in one of five dedicated standalone dwellings on 1 acre (per house) of fenced land and form part of the participants income.

The site will include educational facilities focusing on holistic biological, horticultural, animal husbandry practices and farm building maintenance and be registered as an RTO. As part of the training package delivered, participants be encouraged to think of and understand themselves and their families in the context of the holistic model.

As participants are educated into an understanding of the natural world and its needs as created by God, these understanding will be directly related to them and their families. They and their families will be provided with Christian focused counselling services to support their healing and development from their past experiences. They will be encouraged face and overcome the injuries of their lives in relationship with others and in communion with the Holy Spirit.

A local church (currently closed) will be hired and used to provide the participants and the local community with a place and the opportunity to worship, thus providing a spiritual benefit to the community. Children will attend the local country school and in doing so boost numbers and consequently government resourcing to the school.

Participants will be encouraged to imagine a new future for them and their families. Throughout the program participants will be provided with financial planning services and encourages to save and plan for their future. They will be provided with a working understanding of the council planning and development process and owner builder requirement. Ideally, the goal and outcome of the financial planning services would be to encourage the purchase of a parcel of land and result in home ownership and financially stable homes for them and their families.

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Men and women with dependant families exiting addiction treatment facilities.

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David McCaw

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Claire Clifton 7 months ago

Interesting idea David. Have you seen a similar model work elsewhere? How might you support participants to connect with the general community, knowing that it is a two year program and participation and connection to community is very important for people in recovery?

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David McCaw 7 months ago

Sorry Claire, due to technical difficulties I have been unable to reply.
No, I havn't seen anyone else working from this perspective. It was a God inspired idea. Many need a whole lot of space and healing just to be able to succesfully connect with others and that is what this is about. Time and space to heal, not just the individual, but the whole family.


Fay Foster 7 months ago

Wow David, this is an ambitious plan! I'd love to see it become reality but I think the costs would be huge - when you factor in rent, wages, training and education, counselling, financial planning, church purchase or rent, running church services/activities.
I'm definitely not saying don't go for it - just that the financial considerations would need to be addressed frirst.


David McCaw 7 months ago

Thanks Fay,
Ambitious yes, expencive a little. God has already provided the land, the church and the understanding to do the work so now I just need to continue the walk.


Jose Porcia 7 months ago

Hi David,

I can see you have put a lot of thought into this.

I am a product of such a program. A blueberry organic farm incorporated into a drug rehabilitation program. It taught us living skills and work ethics. That farm is now in full commercial production. Moreover, it is now in the process of becoming an RTO.

That program was a big part of my recovery. 13 years of ice addiction, and I haven't picked since living that program. 5 years ago.

However, the commercial imperative had taken over and helping the suffering addict is no longer part of that program.

I guess it is easier to be successful as one thing rather than be lots of things. In other words, narrow the purpose down. Is it about the suffering addict, is it the family, is the program about freedom from active addiction, economic s/business or financial planning.

I love that you have God as the Centrepiece. Jesus is the Answer. I am free from active addiction because I have Jesus in my life today.

Good luck David.


David McCaw 7 months ago

Friend YOU are a blessing! I am so glad that Jesus has awakend your heart and broght you back. Please dont stop telling that sorry.
I dont intent to concern myself with the business imperatives anymore that it is nessecery to fund the work. From my own experience, healing the whole person is a substantial matter. Building faith and hope in Jesus, faith and hope in their own compacity to lead a happy, health and productive life. All of these and many more are deeply intertwined.

Love you Jose, you in Jesus are amazing!


Jose Porcia 7 months ago

I voted for your idea coz I believe your 'vision' is inspired, and I hope this will get people talking. Maybe this will evolve into something else.

Food for thought:

1. Our biggest drug problem in Australia today is Crystal Meth or ICE.

It is valued at $7 Billion Dollars Annually.

Heroin, Marijuana and Ecstasy combined is less than $3 billion.

(source: National Waste Water Drug Monitoring Program)

2. 47 people try Ice for the first time everyday. 1/3 of those are kids 15 -23 years old. At least 80% will become addicted.

3. Five percent of school kids try ice. Can you imagine if it becomes 5% of the Australian Population.

4. Withdrawal period for the drug ice is 18 months. Heroin and others 3 weeks.

5. Hospital ice related admission and violence increased by 200% in 2 years

6. In some regional areas, ice use increased by 1000%

Current treatment programs don't work and don't cater for the ice addicts, behaviour, psychology, and physiological effects of ice.

More importantly, because all other treatment centres are chasing up government funding. They have to tow government policies.

Jesus is never part of the mainstream Australian Drug Rehabilitation Program.

Sadly less than 10% of ice addicts leaving an Australian rehab stay clean.

Compare this to overseas treatment programs where Jesus is the centrepiece. Success rate is around 90%.

I know of a Treatment Centre right now, managed by the Salvation Army Recovery Services. If it wasn't for volunteers who teach Bible Study. Their clients would never know who Jesus is. Clients are encouraged to find their Higher Power in other things.

If you are successful, always remember that success in recovery is found in Jesus only and not in the program themselves


David McCaw 7 months ago

You are 100% correct, the people suffering are our brothers and sisters. If we dont see it that way than we have missed the point. Jesus is our personal saviour. He made a personal sacrifice to save us.
Now it's time we made this personal


Jose Porcia 7 months ago

I'm with you David. God bless!

My email:


Alex Robinson 3 months ago



David McCaw 3 months ago

Thanks Alex


David McCaw 3 months ago

Love is what it’s all about


Neri Morris 3 weeks ago

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