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TSA Wellness Passport

by Ani Goswami | 8 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S4-Apr20-Jun20

A collaborative partnership between TSA and different health and wellness clubs across Australia. (e.g. discounted memberships for TSA personnel)

This will enable all TSA personnel:

- to have holistic development of life.

- to have access to health and wellness clubs across Australia; particularly advantageous to those whose role requires travel across different locations 

- to boost morale and productivity of all personnel

- inspire others to start getting involved in health and well-being activities 

What department are you from?

Professional Standards and Quality

Who is your target market?

- All age groups

- All TSA personnel

- Health and Wellness Industry


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Ani Goswami

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Stephen Koklas 8 months ago

What a great Idea. Ideal for these times when life can be hectic and busy.


Sharon Wolstenholme 7 months ago

great way to promote work/life balance and healthy personnel.


Carol Phillips 7 months ago

love this idea, I have seen wellness or fitness passports have a significant impact on moral and productivty.


Lucinda Gayl 7 months ago

Fantastic idea - I believe this will have very strong uptake across our workforce. A fitness passport with flexible/ reciprocal access would be great for those who travel with their roles.


Robyn Hogan 7 months ago



Claire Clifton 7 months ago

At the moment, Fitness Passport is available, but only in QLD to permanent and fixed term employees with contracts longer than 12 months. I believe the remuneration and benefits team are currently looking at options for other employee benefits in this space.

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Jane Cornell 7 months ago

Thanks Claire, "Fitness Passport" (company) have advised that they cannot support the whole of Australia, so in conjunction with the health and safety team we are considering other options.


Jody King 6 months ago

Claire, yes, I spoke to Susan Hecker from HR a few years ago about the Fitness Passport and this is what I was told back then. That they had it in QLD and they were looking into it. This was when we were the Eastern Territory.

I hope that this is made available to the whole of Australia soon.


Craig Margetson 7 months ago

The potential for this idea is immense. Just improving productivity for all staff by 10% would make a world of difference. Healthy eating or exercise done in groups at different workplaces could really help and may not have a huge cost, it will be hard to measure outcomes however.


Jody King 6 months ago

I would love the Fitness Passport to be available to Salvos Australia. It is currently in QLD and has been for several years.


Neri Morris 4 months ago

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