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by Joel Clifford | 8 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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A number of our corps currently struggle to find musicians to play music during worship services.  This leads to the use of video clips through multimedia presenters such as Pro-Presenter, Easy Worship, and so on.

However, finding video clips can be quite expensive, with song clips costing upwards of $20 USD depending on where you get them from.  This makes accessing such a resource financially unobtainable when you think that your average worship service may have upwards of 5 songs each week and a rotation of 20+ songs in their repertoire

The other alternative is to "rip" videos off of video sharing sites such as Youtube, which has multiple copyright infringement issues (not to mention the varying quality of the videos that you find there).

A solution to this, given The Salvation Army's wide variety of talented and skilled musicians, and the fact that we already record some music, would be for our musical groups to record tracks (with arrangements and lengths that are more compatible with our style of worship service than some of the longer original versions - i.e. not 9 minutes long) and then have Salvo studios put together video clips with backgrounds and lyrics that engage congregations in worship.  

These songs would include both traditional "song book" songs, and more contemporary favourites, with not just "brass" bands, but also the use of guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.  This could mean that rather than just having a "brass band" play the songbook songs, and the "contemporary band" play the more recent tracks, there could be arrangements by both groups of all types of songs.

These videos could then be provided to corps to use in worship and royalties could be appropriately channeled back to their respective artists so that copyright is maintained etc.  

What department are you from?

Clarence City Corps

Who is your target market?

Corps, and others looking for worship music videos

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Joel Clifford

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Brad Watson 8 months ago

Brilliant suggestion Joel


Chris Brindley 8 months ago

Hi Joel,
A great topic, and one that really needs to be given more attention.

I agree that sites like aren't what most corps are looking for. If you don't have live musicians, then it isn't likely that you are in the market for tracks at that price.

US Eastern Territory did do a couple of videos for practical and legal use a few years ago, but did not continue. Army worship teams like Unbound, Meraki, Transmission, NEON, and The Singing Company focus more on training workshops than music for corps without musicians. Other Army groups like Verses, Summer Carnival and Bearers tend to be more youth-focussed than mainstream congregation worship, even though their content is available.

I would be interested in your thoughts on the suggestions on under Worship Leading > Music Without Musicians.
My go-to solution is iSingWorship, which has high quality tracks, singable (and adjustable) keys, lyric projection, customisable song order and playlists, all from a iPhone/iPad or Android device, and A$5 per track.


Paul Beardsley 8 months ago

Totally agree with your thinking and would love this sort of thing to happen. We have had a music department that has concentrated on producing band music and only band music which to our detriment has left us wynning, practically in Corps that have few resources. We are also very slow off the mark to catch up with and implement new technology that could and would facilitate us with far superior music resource that leads to more competent and meaningful meeting presentations to our congregations .
Unfortunately small Corp's with low incomes are not on the top of our priority list which is again to our detriment and shame.


Anthony Byrne 7 months ago

Great suggestions


Anthony Eden 7 months ago

I agree with Chris. Existing commercial solutions, such as iSingWorship, should easily tick a lot of boxes here. This example is not very expensive, and constantly makes new worship tracks available to you.

And there are existing recordings of many TB tunes, which you can play & do lyrics live in ProPresenter, Easy Worship, etc.


Neri Morris 4 months ago

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