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Business Chaplain

by Paul Arthur | 5 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Business Chaplaincy is where a business or company hires from The Salvation Army a chaplain for a period of time (1-3 years) so as their employees and management can gain access to a chaplain to help their staff/management with any emotional help. The tools the Chaplain brings will be the PLP and a listening ear as well as easy access to the wider services of The Salvation Army.

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

All business employees and management.

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Paul Arthur

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Marc Allison 5 months ago

Great idea, Paul.

There is chaplaincy in hospitals, sport, etc. so why not in business?

Perhaps those who would be the earliest adopters of the concept would be businesses that are care-focused, but might not otherwise have a chaplain.


Neri Morris 3 months ago

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