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TSA Private Health

by Martin Bailey | 9 months ago | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Currently the Salvation Army provides it's officers with Private Health.  If this was turned into a business model where TSA offered Private Health membership to Corps members, TSA could receive bulk discounts from Private Health providers and offer a competitive priced health fund to its members.  Creates a new income stream with a Win/Win situation.

What department are you from?

Bayside Corps

Who is your target market?

All TSA Corps soldiers, adherents etc.

Martin Bailey

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Rob Johnston 9 months ago

It would be far more attractive to the Health Funds if this was open to all TSA Employees and their families, not just Corps. We'd be talking about a possible Group M'ship number of 15,000 - 20,000 which is a material number to negotiate better deals.


Tony Byrne 9 months ago

This is a great idea.


Chris Marsh 9 months ago

Officers only get Hospital Cover. Extras is not included. Something to think about.


Nathan Hodges 9 months ago

Hey Martin,
Officers are only given hospital cover and not extras. This could cause an issue for many people in not having the extras cover.


Martin Bailey 9 months ago

Hi Nathan, with sufficient membership within the entire TSA, a package deal including hospital and extras could possibly be negotiated at similar pricing by subsidising officer’s health care by profits made from other paying users of the fund. There are many options to consider but fundamentally approaching health funds with a bulk user base attracts much higher discounts.


Marc Allison 9 months ago

A great idea, Martin, where Corps members are better cared for and a possible income stream created.

A number of years ago, when wanting to start a social enterprise that worked with health insurers, I looked into how much the online health insurance comparison web sites were making from each new health insurance customer. From memory, it was in the order of $500+ per customer.


Martin Bailey 9 months ago

Thanks Marc, I’m confident that with a large enough group, further discounts could be negotiated.


Marc Allison 4 months ago

Hi Martin - I think this idea could have gone further but not every good idea gets off the ground.

Sorry to be contacting you in this way but am not sure how to send a message :). I now have an unrelated idea to have Benefit concerts that pay artists, support local restaurants and raise funds for The Salvation Army. If you like the idea, please vote/comment at



Neri Morris 5 months ago

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