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Go Anywhere - Swipe cards and access to TSA buildings, room bookings, printers and parking

by Chris Brindley | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

As a national organisation where there are hundreds of locations and collaboration is regular and encouraged, it would be helpful to be able to access local resources that you would ordinarily have permission to use.

Having a standard access card which allows you to print at any location would be very helpful for events, meetings and activities.

At Redfern THQ you can:
- print to the "YSoft printer"
- go to any printer in the building
- swipe your card...and it prints out there

Most medium to large scale organisations have systems like this in place and often across multiple sites. The cost would be charged back to your cost centre (which may be your corps if you are a volunteer).

Building Access
THQs, DHQs, centres and a number of corps have access cards, but none of the systems talk to each other.
This means more than needing to have multiple cards, it also restricts options when trying to plan meetings, be they for paid staff, or volunteer leaders planning TSA events (emergency services, divisional meetings, creative groups etc.)
Volunteer groups are also often after hours.

Room Bookings
It is possible to book a room at any of the THQs, but not DHQs or corps or centres with meeting rooms. At the moment, this is often still run on paper.
The challenge here is that you don't know what the availability of rooms are, and need to look through the book with the admin to see where there gaps are, either in person, or through a long negotiation process over the phone.
Room booking requests could be made the same way that is in place for THQs, with the local expression being given the option to approve use.
The Halls for Hire would complement this well, though that is specifically for public requests.

Parking Spaces
For locations with limited parking, the option to know the availability and reserve a space for a specific time period would be valuable. This would apply to all THQs, DHQs and corps/centres in high density population areas.
This would give better utilisation, and control issues where people feel they need to "sneak in" and use spaces that had been reserved for someone else, particularly if the garage door access is linked to their access card.

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

This would be helpful for
- Area Officers and more senior roles
- Corps Officers and Mission Expression Leaders (who often meet and work together)
- Volunteers (including tech ministry/event support/group leaders) supporting divisional events and activities

Halls for Hire is a related idea, but for external parties.

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Chris Brindley

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Belinda Cassie 7 months ago

I might suggest that there would need to be a few caveats in place around safe houses etc not being included in an all access pass.


Chris Brindley 7 months ago

Indeed. Access would only be where you would have permission, in the same way that there are controlled parts of buildings that only certain people can access. There would also be locations that would not be considered for this like the case you mentioned.


Marc Allison 7 months ago

Hi Chris. Good idea. I understand that at Redfern THQ you can setup your Opal Card to be able to print from it. It may be cheaper for TSA to use those kinds of state-based universal transport cards than the current access card system.


Neri Morris 3 months ago

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