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Dignity Pack

by Anita Reeve | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

It has become increasingly obvious, that many who access our Doorways Centres cannot afford the basic necessities of life.  Toiletries for Both Men and Women are in demand through our Centres, and it would be great if we could team up with one of the large supermarket chains; eg Woolworths, and have Dignity Bags with item tags on them, that shoppers could take on their way into the store, and fill whilst they are undertaking their shopping.  

Items could include: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, washer, deodorant, shaver, comb/brush. (both male and female versions).

These could then be passed onto the local Doorways Centre for distribution.

What department are you from?

Social Operations Manager North/North West in Tasmania, primiarily in the Doorways Service.

Who is your target market?

Those who access our Doorways Centres/Social Mission Services; eg AOD, Housing & Homelessness, as well.

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Anita Reeve

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David Bowtell 7 months ago

What about instead of the actual items for the shopper to remember to bring in we could have little cards like gift cards hanging at the cash register where a customer could pay a set amount for an item.

The cards would be individualised to represent a particular item.... a card for toothpaste with a tube of toothpaste on it, a card for shampoo with a picture .... etc etc.

Then we are tapping in to the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspect of impulse purchases and the customer does not need to "think about organising it" but can do just as much on impulse .... and it also gets our TSS brand "into peoples line of sight".

Just some thoughts.


Marc Allison 7 months ago

Great iteration, David. What you suggest makes giving more seamless. Seamless transactions are the basis of important innovations in our era (eg: Uber). How much would TSA stand to benefit if giving was more seamless?


Marc Allison 7 months ago

Good idea Anita. Meeting a pressing need by involving a TSA corporate partner in a simple way is an under-valued concept amongst us.


Jody King 7 months ago

Anita this is a fantastic idea. Thank you for putting this idea forward. I have wished to post a similar idea but have not had the chance.

For every person that walks through the Freedom Centre's doors at Penrith NSW I would like to make one vote as there are so many community members in need of such a Pack.

I pray that your idea is one that is backed up by the Army as a Territory.


Paul Rudd 6 months ago

We tend to shop online these days, so it'd be good to have something like this available through online shopping as well.


Jacqueline Walling 5 months ago

Great idea but as someone else has pointed out this needs to be easy and seamless ... My local Coles has been collecting goods for various good causes for a while .. including pet food and for, I think, women's refuges. They have drop off points stationed on the far side of the till with lists of desired goods ... the theory is you pick up your can of dog food or packet of pasta on your way round, pay for it and then drop it in the hamper. Except that you only see the list and the drop off point after you have queued at the till and perhaps paid for your shopping. I'm certainly not going to go back round the loop again to pick up an item and then have an argument about whether I really paid for the other goods now in my shopping bags. If I were explicitly asked "will you make a $ donation towards dignity bags - $10 buys a whole bag or give what you like towards a bag " I would be much more likely to donate. This also
- allows the donor to have the donation listed on the till receipt for tax time
- removes the risk of 200 tubes of toothpaste being collected and no deodorant.
- would simplify packing - standard set of goods
- would be fairer - with donor selection of goods there is some risk that Bob scores a bag of large size high end product and Bill gets smallest size own brand
You could provide donors with a tag to write a (hopefully nice) message to the recipient that could be popped into the bag as part of the packing activity


Neri Morris 4 months ago

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