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Tomorrows Faith (21st Century Faith Community Events and Podcast - 'Into the Zone')

by Richard Wiltshire | Nov 14, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019
Preparing for trial

Update: 08.07.20

Trial to be rolled out in WA in the coming months.

Update: 02.03.20

The Pitch Panel passionately supported the creative work and passion of Richard on this idea. The future full development and rollout is desired.

The Innovation team, in conjunction with Sandra in Mission Support, will continue to support the delivery of the project.


‘Into the Zone’ is a pioneering faith community with public events, podcast and website that is culturally, theologically and spiritually congruent with a 21st century, progressive, global, multicultural and technological world. The beginnings of this community have already been trialed in Western Australia.

The key features of this community will involve:

  • Exploring 21st century ideas in the fields of theology, church and Christian spirituality.
  • Inviting keynote speakers to present and facilitate revolutionary, cutting edge and transformative conversations and discussions in a public event format.
  • Mobilizing people who are passionate about transforming the world and their communities
  • Encouraging members to engage in new pioneering ministries. 
  • Utilizing technology to record and transmit such events globally via a podcast, website and YouTube account etc. (for people to access who cannot attend regional events).

 These events are intended to:

  • Expose people to new and cutting edge ideas in theology and spiritual formation.
  • Provide a forum for people interested in discussing interesting spiritual topics and faith interests.
  • Encourage people to ask profound, in depth and relevant questions for today’s world.
  • Be participatory and dialogical in nature.
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support for community members (during Q&A, pastoral care at regional events and via online forums). 
  • Be held in popular / accessible external venues in the community with invitations extended to other churches, faith communities and the wider public.   
  • Be income generating via tickets for public events, online donations, patreon membership for the podcast and other income opportunities.

Who is the target market for your idea?


Have you seen this model being effectively used elsewhere?


Yes. The beginnings of this community have already been trialed in Western Australia and it is hoped that this community can be developed further on a larger scale within the TSA Australian Territory.

The model would involve adopting best practice approaches in a variety of pioneering ministries, public events and podcasts already appealing to this emerging vision of Christianity for today's world!

Why do you believe we should trial this model?


It has become increasingly apparent, that attendance within the institutional church has been in significant decline over the years (as evidenced in the 2017 McCrindle National Study on Religion, Spirituality and Worldview Trends) due to a number of important changes in our society. This includes:

  • Aging congregations and an overall decline of interest in traditional models of church expression.
  • Perceived lack of relevance for young people.
  • Incongruence of predominantly Eurocentric and Americanized expressions of ecclesiology within today’s increasingly global / international cultural context.
  • Lack of support for spiritual seekers wishing to explore emerging themes and deeper questions in the disciplines of theology, philosophy and contemporary spirituality.   
  • Social and cultural changes since the 1960’s (such as postmodernism characterized by an incredulity towards metanarratives / cultural assumptions)
  • Mistrust towards traditional religious institutions with increasing numbers of people identifying with no religion (Nones) in Australian society (increase from 22% to 32% from 2011 to 2017).   
  • Secularization of the public sphere.
  • Increased pace of life and busy work / family commitments that have made it increasingly difficult for individuals to participate in and attend traditional faith communities.  
  • Multiculturalism, globalization and international travel that have diversified and complexified people's faith needs, interests and requirements. 
  • Increased use of technology such as the internet that has transformed our understanding of community and have made it easier to access spiritual and religious teachings online via websites, YouTube or through podcasts and other electronic media etc.

‘Into the Zone’ is a pioneering ministry that seeks to address the above concerns as its central focus!

What is the format of the gathering? (I.e. Online or face-to-face)


Public Regional Events 



* See enclosed report for more details. 

What resources would this idea require?


Fees to set up a website, podcast and resources to assist an events organizer and IT administrator to update website and podcast content.   

What Department are you from?


Chaplain in Salvos Stores - Western Australia 

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Graeme Hallett Nov 26, 2019

I am fully supportive of this idea and I think it will meet a need for those not interested in institutionalised religion. I believe it also has the potential to encourage and question our belief systems in such a way that is more relevant to todays society.


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