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Salvos Furnishings Enterprise

by Monty Bhardwaj | Nov 14, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Intercultural Ministries in Victoria has been working alongside new arrivals since 2014, forming into a faith community of more than 35 families from multiple nationalities. In 2017, a social enterprise called ‘Salvos Catering’ was created based on the need’s analysis conducted among the community. Salvos Catering since 2017 has been able to give employment and generate income for the women who have been struggling financially, as well as providing work experience opportunities for those looking to get into the industry. Based on the Salvos catering model, another social enterprise idea has been proposed by the members of the community called ‘Salvos Furnishings’. The intercultural community has people with various professional trade skills like painting, carpentering, fencing, tiling, wooden flooring and cleaning. All these people have been working as sub-contractors with other businesses since they arrived in Australia, but have had trouble finding consistent and fair employment. The community proposed the idea of a social enterprise which would allow them to work in the property maintenance field. The community members offered to contribute 20 per cent of their profits from each contract they secure towards the work of The Salvation Army.

The social enterprise aims to develop the confidence of people by improving their English language skill through work experience outside of their community where they have little exposure to the English language. The social enterprise will also address the issue where a lot of these new arrivals are sometimes exploited by the businesses, in terms of fair payment for their work or sometimes not paid at all. This idea will not only contribute to the various community programs run by The Salvation Army but will also provide an opportunity for the new arrivals to be empowered for the future if they wish to start their own businesses.

There are already a number of community members who have shown interest in the enterprise who are professionals in their trade and have already contributed and done various property maintenance jobs at different location of The Salvation Army in Victoria, including Quarters and Corps.


What department are you from?

Intercultural Ministries


Who is your target market?



Existing Salvation Army properties



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Monty Bhardwaj

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Matt Atkins Nov 18, 2019

Can't recommend this enough. The amazing Salvos Catering is ripe for expansion!


Marc Allison Nov 26, 2019

Great idea Monty! Am encouraged and humbled by your enthusiasm and social entrepreneurship.

Perhaps an iteration of this is a partnership with an insurer that sells home insurance. One of our acquaintances works in this area and has much regular work. If that was a good area to focus on, then perhaps an insurer with similar values could be chosen, such as Ansvar (see


Anne Hill Mar 3, 2020

Just wondering if this is something to be considered in collaboration with 'Employment Plus Local' , (run out of Brunswick and Dandenong Corps, and others in NSW) . Employment Plus Local works primarily for the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Communities from the Brunswick and Dandenong Centres. These centres have staff employed to help this cohort find work, attending to the holistic needs of their people. Anne Hill: Chaplain for Employment Plus (Victoria)


Neri Morris May 18, 2020

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