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by Steve Spencer | 11 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Our greatest asset is our people. with the advances of technology it means we can have a wider scope of influence, assistance And peer-to-peer support. My proposal is to have the I.T. department develop an ap where mentors and mentorees can be linked, share information, communicate and to pass on time learned lessons.


Many of our retired Officers have a wealth of information and it has been my experience to learn that many still have a lot to give. Why stifle that by age or distance?


i understand that there could be privacy issues which can be addressed when we accept terms and conditions. 



What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Anyone and everyone

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Steve Spencer

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Marc Allison 9 months ago

Great to be encouraging mentoring, Steve!

Mentoring is a wonderful thing that I have benefited from personally.

Is an app the best solution? Is knowing who to speak with the heart of the problem? The way I have found my mentors in the past was through personal connections.

Either way, mentoring needs to be encouraged.

Through the right channel, why not share stories about mentoring within the Salvos in a similar to “The Two of Us” by the Sydney Morning Herald’s stories - see here:


Neri Morris 7 months ago

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