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Uber Positive Lifestyle Program

by Rodney Stanton | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

We have been actively building methods for people to connect to PLP via technology. One of these methods is allow trauma informed choice for people who facilitate PLP to be available on a platform that there is choice for community members.  We recognise that PLP facilitation and time is not realistic for Corps leaders to facilitate.  We would like to onboard the 700+ PLP facilitators to have a shared software system so they can design their profile to be available to the community and referrers. Our idea is to sponsor and/or receive in-kind donations to add all the facilitators to a live data base at to help them build the profile of PLP in the Australian community using software.  The cost per facilitator to be on the platform per year is $8 per month with the first six months being FREE.  This allows user to rate their experience, book appointments, and track sessions.  This allows facilitators to also track their users and have a shared database to collect all the people they helped over the year.  It will also provide reporting for outcomes with PLP.  The cost per month is for the maintenance of the server, security and more. 

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

PLP facilitators, community members, and future PLP facilitators.  

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