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Salvo Retreats - Exploring a Deeper Faith (A Brengle for Non-Officers)

by John Williams | Nov 4, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

This idea proposes that we create spaces (i.e. retreat/sabbatical spaces) where people within the Salvos e.g. Employees, Community Members within programs/supports (e.g. Salvos Schools, Youth Services, Housing, Recovery, Aged Care, Domestic Violence services), and Members, can come away for a short retreat to be exposed to a greater understanding of the foundations, creation, history and faith of the movement. A time allowing for individual and communal reflection could be included. Depending on the cohort the session could serve as an introduction or exposure experience or alternatively for those who already identify as believers include worship or Biblical teaching.

People would self nominate to attend - we would be better able to identify those within our midst who want to explore/deepen their faith (especially for employees) - and learn about the reasons why they are connected to the Salvos. As people attend and return to their work space (or Centre or Corps) conversations about faith are inevitable as they share about their experience and growth in understanding who we are (and who they are).

This initiative would bring together a range of ministry passion, experience and skill. It would also be diverse involving pastoral care, those skilled in delivering/facilitating contemplative sessions, Indigenous Ministry involvement, those passionate about the Heritage of TSA, as well as the Social Justice Department. Salvation Army resources could be used to host these retreats e.g. Riverview Farm (QLD), Geelong Conference Centre.  

The idea comes from a time when I worked for the then Boystown (now Yourtown). Employees had an opportunity to nominate (after several years of service) to spend a week (or thereabouts) with the De La Salle Christian Brothers who created Boystown. Many folk - who had never indicated an interest in faith - would put their hand up to explore the foundations of Boystown and better understand the faith foundations of the organisation they were a part of. This initiative was fully sponsored by Boystown as a way of deepening faith in their organisation.

What department are you from?

Soundpoint (Youth & Community Centre) - Goodna

Who is your target market?

Employees, Community Members connected to services/supports (all ages and all diverse groups), and Salvation Army members (i.e. Soldiers).

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David Elkington Nov 5, 2019

Perhaps an online version could also be considered? It would be very helpful to include an online moderator to be available to answer questions and provide clarification.


Gai Cathcart Nov 9, 2019

Having done Brengle as an officer and knowing the value the time has added to my relationship with God, my community of faith and with my fellow officers, I believe this would be truly beneficial for all.


Paul Rudd Dec 8, 2019

In Sydney, we used to have silent or partially silent retreats that I tried to attend once a year. I usually went over the weekend (Friday to Sunday) so not to take time off work. These seem to have stopped. Silent retreats are different to focussed retreats, but I believe both are invaluable. It's hard to stop or slow down in a busy world.


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