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Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

Multiplying Breakfast Programs Across Australia

Peter Brookshaw
Peter Brookshaw | 3 months ago | in Ideas In Motion

Over the next 3 years, the vision is to start 300 Breakfast Programs across schools in Australia. By flipping toasted cheese sandwiches and mobilising local mission volunteers, we could be engaging with hundreds of schools across the nation. Gather a small handful of volunteers, add some start up funds, start a conversation with a local school and launch a breakfast program! You'll mobilise young and old. You'll connect with staff and students. Kids will be eating breakfast. You'll create faith pathways. You'll start a connection that could last for years. Everybody loves toasted cheeses!!

Who is the target market for your idea?


Have you seen this model being effectively used elsewhere?

We now serve over 1,000 toasted cheese sandwiches in 3 local schools. We're looking to multiply the initiative nation-wide. 

Why do you believe we should trial this model?

We already have a track record of running effective breakfast programs in local schools, including being involved on 3 school councils (as School Council Presidents and a community representative), and have support from the local MP and the local Mayor. We believe it's time to mobilise Salvos to connect with local schools to help improve local student outcomes, while providing opportunities for building healthy communities, caring for people and being intentional about creating great missional outcomes.   

What is the format of the gathering? (I.e. Online or face-to-face)

Once a week, at a local school. 3-6 local mission volunteers, including a team leader (Salvo Officer, Youth Leader, etc). 

What resources would this idea require?

To multiply new breakfast programs across Australia quickly, we would ask for a sum of money, so that we could provide $500-$1,000 start up grants for new breakfast programs, including a start-up pack, mentoring, support with connecting with local Principal staff and ongoing debriefing/support. The grant money would be coordinated via a system that asks interested Salvo communities to apply to us for the start up grant money and we would provide support and mentoring throughout the startup process. 

What Department are you from?

Captain Peter Brookshaw is the Corps Officer at The Salvation Army Craigieburn (VIC division)

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Vinh Luong 3 months ago

Idea with valid points


Karen Clark 3 months ago

Great to have connections with the schools in your area. We do regular breakfasts in two of the schools in our area and it's always a great time of connection.


Neri Morris 2 months ago

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Neri Morris 2 months ago

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